Czech Position suspends publication

Advertising revenue proved insufficient to sustain the English section, but parent news server Česká pozice is still going strong

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Brian Kenety | 17.07.2012

Czech Position launched in December 2010 with the lofty goal of becoming the world’s daily English-language source for Czech political, business and cultural news, by offering a mix of breaking news reports, feature articles, analysis and investigative reporting. Alas, all good things must come to an end. 

We were well on our way — thanks in no small part to being able to draw on the work of our parent publication, Česká pozice, which is staffed by more than a dozen veteran Czech reporters, editors and commentators. And that was what truly made this English-language publication unique on the market. 

How it all began

Editor-in-chief István Léko left his stewardship of the weekly Euro after 12 years to found Česká pozice/Czech Position convinced of the demand for a news server that would expose and track corruption and incompetence in politics and business without bias. It was he, for example, who first exposed the dodgy dealings of the brokerage Key Investments, to which several Prague districts had entrusted nearly 1 billion crowns of taxpayers’ money.

Putting such complicated stories into context for the world at large (i.e., in English) were senior editor Brian Kenety, a former Interfax bureau chief in Prague and Inter Press Service EU correspondent; news editor Chris Johnstone, a former AFP reporter in Prague and AP-Dow Jones correspondent in Brussels; and reporter/editor Tom Jones, a co-founder of the English-language version of All three had previously worked (though not at the same time) for the Czech Business Weekly (Johnstone as launch editor, Kenety as managing editor, and Jones as a reporter). The English staff also broke its share of hard new stories on the Czech market and often were the first to report in English on Czech stories of global interest.

The English staff also broke its share of hard new stories on the Czech market and often were the first to report in English on Czech stories of global interest — as evidenced by citations from venerable publications like Time magazine, The Economist, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Huffington Post, and other international media, including news agencies like Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Reuters.

While keeping readers current on key events, we also covered the lighter stories — the kind everyone loves to share on Facebook (remember the “gay caveman” and caped crusader/guerilla marketer “SuperVáclav”?) — and published a cultural feature each weekday.

Writers Raymond Johnston and Michael Stein (founder of Literlab) — who were both instrumental in the Czech Position launch — continued to cover arts and leisure for us, and the publication benefited greatly from having a stable of other experienced freelancers on hand, such as Radio Prague veterans Sarah Borufka, Christian Falvey, Dominik Jůn and Ian Willoughby, along with Martina Čermáková, Hana Gomoláková, Jacy Meyer, Joann Plockova and Sam Beckwith.

Unfortunately, with the recession still ongoing, advertising revenue proved insufficient to sustain the English section. Perhaps when the global economy has bounced back, so too will Czech Position. In the meantime, Česká pozice is going strong, and will further expand using resources previously allocated for the English section.

Thanks to all our readers for your insightful comments over the past year and a half. We bid you Adieu. 

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Thank you for your cooperation.

Please give us an English version again when/if you can!

Thanks for the serious, thoughtful journalism which gave me insight into the political and economic workings of the country we're making a life in.  Very sorry to lose you.  Like the commenter above, I'll attempt to struggle through the Czech version with my evolving Czech and with google translate!  But I hope we might see the English version make a come back.  You definitedly delivered "information for free people" like no other English language news service covering this country.   Very best to you all and thanks again.

Thank You !!

I am very sad to hear this as I always look forward to reading your articles every morning while I am having my coffee and have always felt connected with the Czech Republic thanks to all of you.

I will truly miss this "gift" and I do hope things will turn around so all of us will be able to read your articles again in the near future.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work and creativity...I really appreciate it !!

Wishing you all the best,

Corry in the US

Going to miss you

Thanks for all your hard work in the past. Sorry to see you go, you will be missed. Looking forward to your return when things improve. Patrick M. Florida USA


I am very disappointed to hear this news. The English Czech Position reading was an important part of my day. It's unfortunate that a country that tends to be so insular and inward-looking will be just a little bit less outreaching as a result. Everyone's loss.

Sorry to see you go

It's a shame that you are suspending publication since you proved to be one pf the best sources of Czech news in English. I especially appreciated your coverage of politics and the energy sector. Perhaps the economy will turn around and you can start again. Good luck.



Thank you, now on to Google Translate

Thank you for the work you did and the analytical pieces you wrote. I guess I will now have to use Google Translate on the Czech version which will not be as accurate but at least will give me continued access to your high quality news content, something rare on the Czech internet. 


One more time, thank you! 




Thanks for your great articles over the last year and a half. They will be missed! Nathan

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